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Jordan's Journey: From Foster Care to Success

Jordan was born in LA to drug addicted parents and placed in the foster system, where she remained for her entire childhood. Though she lived with more than 30 families, there was one constant in her life: track and field. In high school, she received a full scholarship to the University of Nebraska. Jordan became pregnant during the first semester and was given two options: end the pregnancy or give up the full scholarship.

She chose the latter, and sought refuge with a former foster sister in Illinois. After the baby was born, they became a financial burden and were asked to leave. Scared and alone, Jordan discovered The Well of Mercy in a Google search and sent a desperate email to the director, Mary. Later that day, Mary drove to a Western suburb to pick up Jordan and her month-old daughter, Maya, and move them into The Well of Mercy. 

Jordan entered the program and immediately began the healing process. She took classes on parenting, grief and loss, domestic violence prevention, and finance and began individual and group therapy. She learned to trust her fellow residents and began forming friendships. With her daughter being cared for at The Well's in-home daycare, she got a job at Shoreline Sightseeing and entered the city colleges. 

This spring, Jordan will earn a certificate in HR from DePaul University. She is an involved and loving mother to Maya, who is thriving in preschool. She has learned to plan, shop for and cook a healthy meal for 40 people, be held accountable for her work and school schedule, participate in daily chores, maintain a monthly budget, and engage in healthy dating. Most importantly, she is excited for her future. 

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